Discord hosted its first Hack Week in June 2019. I recruited a team of 4 employees across multiple roles to create a program that leveraged Discord's passionate community to QA indie games for developers. I developed the positioning and product philosophy, learned to program a Discord bot, and lead the team to victory in the "Partner/Dev Improvements" category.

Discord Game QA Testers Program
High-quality QA is hard to come by and can be cost-prohibitive for smaller dev teams. With the Game QA Testers program, a Discord verified developer could request 10-100 testers to QA their game directly through Discord. These community testers were sourced from Discord's Moderator and Bug Hunter programs, and had previous experience with QA testing.

We found an indie publisher, Another Indie, that was in need of QA testing within our time-frame and limitations. Our team organized 40 testers to QA an unreleased title for 2 hours. In that time, the testers logged 214 bug and feedback tickets. Tickets were submitted in Discord channels, scraped by a bot that I programmed, and then automagically converted into formatted Trello cards. At the end of the QA session, the devs received a full Trello board full of bugs and feedback. The devs and publisher were incredibly happy with the results, and shared that this quality and volume of testing would have cost them $10k and 10 hours from an outsourced QA service.

Skills: Project Management, Team Leadership, Product Management, Product Marketing, Community Management